How do I participate in #mbedchat?

You can participate in many different ways. If you’re on Twitter, follow our @mbedchat account and you will be able to follow our tweets – not just tweets during our twice monthly chats, but other tweets we send out to our followers highlighting Manitoba education-related goodies!

We hold “live” Twitter chats for 2016-17 on the first and third Wednesdays of every month, starting on September 21st 2016. “Chats” start at 8pm CDT and end officially at 9pm CDT. You can watch the @mbedchat tweets, because our account will be retweeting questions and selected answers to those questions during the chat. But if you want the FULL chat experience, you should follow the #mbedchat hashtag between 8-9pm CDT on a chat night and you’ll see all the tweets participants make in response to our chat questions…as long as the participants have used the #mbedchat hashtag!

If you’re on Instagram, follow our @mbedchat account (new for 2016!) and you’ll have an opportunity to see some Manitoba educators featured there!

What does “lurking” mean?

If you’re new to Twitter, or to Twitter chats, or both, sometimes you just want to watch what’s going on. “Lurking” in a Twitter chat means you’re just watching the tweets that participants make. Watching tweets can be done by following the #mbedchat hashtag or by following our @mbedchat Twitter account for a small selection of the tweets during a chat.

What is a hashtag and why should I use it?

A hashtag is a word that has the hashtag symbol # placed in front of it. For example we use #mbedchat as our hashtag. The Twitter platform uses hashtags to allow anybody to see tweets that use that hashtag. So if you’re participating in a specific #mbedchat Twitter chat by tweeting, placing the #mbedchat hashtag into your tweets guarantees everybody in the chat can see what you tweeted – even if they don’t follow you on Twitter. It’s a great way to follow the conversation!

Can I help moderate a chat for #mbedchat?

Definitely! Just direct message our @mbedchat account on Twitter and let us know you’re interested! Manitoba Ed Chat is an education chat on Twitter, for Manitoba educators, run by Manitoba educators. The more people the merrier!