Meet the Creator and Founder of #mbedchat, Zoe Bettess! She’s a tech loving Grade 3 teacher in northern Manitoba, using technology to teach and assess curricular outcomes. She’s on Twitter as @ZBettess and has a blog titled “Thoughts from a Tech Loving Teacher“.


Meet one of the Moderators of #mbedchat, Georgette Nairn! Georgette is a grade 3/4 teacher and teacher-librarian in Manitoba who loves books, reading, teaching and technology. She’s on Twitter as @GeorgetteNairn.


Meet co-moderator Jen Young.

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Meet the archivist and co-moderator for #mbedchat, Tanis Thiessen! Tanis is an educator in Winnipeg, Manitoba who loves technology, inquiry learning, and Big Ideas. She sometimes steps in as moderator for #mbedchat, and she’s on Twitter as @tjthiessen with a blog titled “Joy of Education“.